Sanjna Kapoor: No feud at Prithvi!


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Nov. 15 -- Bollywood legend late Prithviraj Kapoor's granddaughter, Sanjna Kapoor, says it's not a family feud that resulted in her recent decision to leave Mumbai's iconic Prithvi Theatre. Sanjna, who is leaving the family theatre to form her own company, Junoon, says "There's no masala, sadly."

Sanjna adds that she doesn't see what the fuss around this is all about: "The decision came from strength, and both of us (brother Kunal Kapoor and her) decided that this was the best way to make it happen."

She says she now plans to devote her energy towards taking the performing arts to small towns. "It's sad that the same places my grandfather travelled to with theatre companies still don't have access to the performing arts and culture. We will be the connector between theatre companies and these areas. We will rely on the relationships we have built at Prithvi over the years to create that accessibility," she says.

"Also, a lot of what we do with the new company will be held at Prithvi, so, there'll be plenty of synergy between both companies," she says.