Sanjay-Ramu feud continues?


By Ht

Mumbai, May 7 -- In 2012, when Ram Gopal Varma's (RGV) Department opened to disappointing figures at the box office, lead actor Sanjay Dutt made his discontent with the director very clear.

At the time, reports claimed that the fuming actor would probably never work with him again. Varma, enraged at the insult, responded with an equally hard retort, saying that he would never see Sanjay's face in the future.

Months have passed since then, but if this latest news is any indication, the issue might be far from over. In Sanjay's upcoming film, Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke, the actor takes a dig at Varma. In a scene, he will be seen saying: "Ye jo story hai na, aap Ram Gopal Varma ko dena... kya jhakaas picture banega, Ram Gopal Ki Bhaag" (you should give this story to Ram Gopal Varma; what a superb film it will make, called Ram Gopal Ki Bhaag).

However, the film's director, Jyotin Goel, doesn't feel the dialogue will hurt any sentiments. "Sanjay, who plays a police inspector in the film, is also a big movie buff; that's the reason he uses RGV's name. I don't think this will enrage Ram Gopal Varma; he will enjoy it. It is just a joke. He shouldn't react negatively to it," says Jyotin, clarifying that the idea of the dialogue never came from Sanjay. "It was part of the script. The scene features Dev Goel (debutant and lead actor) and Adah Sharma, who are trying to get out of a tricky situation. They narrate a story to Sanjay, after hearing which, he makes that comment," says Jyotin.

Despite repeated attempts, RGV remained unavailable for a comment.