Sanjay Gupta makes you pose with the stars!


By Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM

Remember those small-town melas where professional photographers in small tents with over-sized cameras clicked pictures of you with cardboard cut-outs of your favorite actors? If Sanjay Gupta has his way he would bring back those days.

Revealing his plans he says, " What I intend to do is to put up life-size cardboard cut-outs of 30-feet in length and 8-feet in height with all the stars from Dus Kahaniyaan. Each of these cut-outs will be put up at the multiplexes. There will be a gap next to every star in the cut-out for the viewer to accommodate himself and get photographed with his favourite actor. In fact a whole family or group of friends can get themselves photographed with the stars at various positions in the cut-out."

A bit of an old fashioned idea, no? Gupta is defiant. "As a child I remember posing in a studio with Dharmendra. You watch how this old fashioned idea catches on like wildfire. This is the era of cell-phone cameras. So everyone can click in an instant. This is going to be put up at IMAX and the other bigger multiplexes. It's a little bit of added masti for cinegoers," says Gupta.