Sanjay Dutt's solo in 'Alibaug' scrapped

Mumbai, July 25 (IANS) First Sanjay Gupta replaced his good friend Sanjay Dutt with Irrfan Khan in his autobiographical film "Alibaug" and now is he set to scrap the love song that was recorded in the Munnabhai actor's voice.

"We'll have to get it done by a professional playback singer now. It won't be correct to have Sanjay's voice for Irrfan," Gupta told IANS.

So what happens to the footage and song featuring Sanjay?

"I guess it is of archival importance. One day I hope to sit down with my near and dear ones and look at what we shot and recorded as proof of how much Sanjay and I shared once," said Gupta.

But Sanjay's special appearance in "Woodstock Villa" was retained. "T