Sanjay Dutt not replaced by Big B


By IndiaFM

Vishal Dadlani is miffed with recent report in a tabloid that has now also found a place in a National newspaper. It wrongly states that Amitabh Bachchan has replaced Sanjay Dutt as a singer for one of the songs in their upcoming film Aladdin and the Mystery of the Lamp. As per the story, composer duo Vishal-Shekhar and filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh for singing the title song, which was to be originally sung by Sanjay Dutt, roped in Amitabh Bachchan.“This is ridiculous,” fumes Vishal Dadlani, "There is no base to the story and it is plain rubbish. I am completely clueless about who is spreading such wrong stories and why? Perhaps it is the figment of imagination of the writer. Nothing like this has ever happened and I am completely flummoxed by this tabloid report."

But the report states that since Sanjay was occupied with his court and jail visits and Sujoy couldn't postpone the project any further, Big B was requested to sing the song. Getting further irritated, Vishal questions back, "Did the person who planted this story bother to reach out to me, Shekhar or Sujoy and seek clarification? Does he even know that Mr. Sanjay Dutt's song, which by the way is a delightful piece, was already recorded one and a half month back? When a song has already been composed and canned, where does the question of someone else replacing him come into picture?"

"For the information of those who came in late, there are two other songs that Mr. Bachchan sings for Aladdin", informs Vishal, "'O Re Sawariya', which is a 'genie-rap' song, is a mad number and presence of Mr. Bachchan has taken it to a different level altogether. It was one wild affair and nothing short of a dream come true when he crooned it. The second number is whacky too as it is going to be quite cool with a mix of urban as well as Bhojpuri elements. Imagine all the fun we should be having once the songs are on!"

"The idea was to have characters sing for themselves in the film. This is why it was required that Mr. Dutt introduces his dark yet lovable character in his own voice. Now some random theory of Mr. Bachchan stepping in to sing for Mr. Dutt's introduction is beyond my imagination,” concludes an exasperated Vishal.