Sanjay donates Rs.250,000 for cancer stricken child!

Mumbai, Aug 31 (IANS) The sensitive side of Bollywood's 'bad boy' Sanjay Dutt surfaced when he opened his purse strings to save a two-year-old child suffering from cancer, a disease that killed his mother Nargis Dutt.

It started when model-turned-actress Achala Sachdev got a call from a family-friend, a Sikh gentleman, that his two-year-old niece is suffering from cancer and needs financial aid.

"I was stunned," said Achala Sachdev. "I know the Sikh family very well. They're family friends. To hear that their little girl Saishaa, who is just 2, has cancer just shook me to the core. The family wanted me to ask Sanjay Dutt for help from the charitable institution Nargis Dutt Foundation that's named afte