Sameera's ghar ghar ki kahani!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 6 -- Who's this pinging me now? It's Sameera Reddy all the way from Singapore. Now that girl sure has become a globe trotter. From Scotland to a never-heard-village near Kanyakumari to Mumbai and now Singapore... It's driving Miss Honey dizzy!

Sexy Sam giggles and tells me that it's fun to live out of a suitcase, but it would be more fun to move into her new pad. Naya ghar? Don't tell me she's got herself a Maruti from Malgudi too and is ready for the marry-go-round ride? Nooooo, Sam shrieks, she's single and happy to mingle. And ready for a house of her own. Cool! Right now, it's in the renovation process. She tells me it should be ready in a few months and asked me to stay free for a housewarming bash. Sure my sweety, can't wait for the party!