Sameera: Ga ga over Hemaji!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 4 -- Now my birdy from Bandra wants me to hear something about Sameera Reddy going ga ga over Hema Malini. Seems like the two met at a private dinner party at the Marriott recently, and the former couldn't stop raving over the veteran's gorgeous looks.

Predictably, Reddy also asked Malini for her raaz about how she keeps fit and maintains her glowing looks. I'm told that the eternal Dream Girl graciously shared her beauty and fitness secrets, which the leggy lass has apparently adopted to her regime.

Bas, aur kya? Since then, sexy Sam has being telling everyone she meets, about her bonding shonding with Hemaji and how she hopes to emulate her. Chalo, badhiya hai.