Same Same But Different !


By Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, Bollywood Hungama News Network

There's a famous saying by none other than William Shakespeare who once said 'What's in a name?'. Well, quite a lot we say. For not only does one's name give one a complete identity, but at the same time, it is also one of the most important ways of differentiating a person from the other. Have you ever wondered how difficult and complicated life could get if you share the same name with say your best friend or worst enemy or someone you don't even know. Well, this week's release, One, Two, Three, takes a hilarious look at such a situation where the three main protagonists (Suneil Shetty, Tusshar Kapoor and Paresh Rawal) share the same screen name Laxminarayan and needless to say, it results in a one big chaos. Forget the reel-life drama; even in real life many of the celebrities have faced some funny, some embarrassing situations, just because they share the name with yet another celebrity. Bollywood Hungama got in touch with a few of them and asked them about their experiences which they faced courtesy their Namesake.

Malaika Arora Khan and Malaika Khan

One of them is an actress who made many hearts go flutter whilst she danced atop a running train with SRK to the beats of 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' while the other is the wife of Bollywood heartthrob Zayed Khan. Yes, we are indeed talking about Malaika Arora and Malaika Parekh, who, post their marriage not only share the same name but also the same surname (Khan). Quite confusing must say!! So how does the super-hot Malaika react to such a situation, "I think its quite cool (smiles). The only time it creates a problem is when we get the wrong calls or messages. That can be both funny and embarrassing at times." Well we wonder what their respective spouses Arbaaz Khan and Zayed Khan have to say about this.

Rajat Kapoor and Rajit Kapur

These 2 film personalities share two things in common - The first and more obvious one is their names which though spelled differently, sound quite the same and the second is the fact that they are two terrifically talented actors. While Rajat Kapoor, who was seen in films like Dil Chahta Hai, Monsoon Wedding, and Bheja Fry is also a director (Raghu Romeo, Mixed Doubles and Mithya), Rajit on the other hand, has been seen only in front of the camera, in films like Ghulam, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara and Deadline-Sirf 24 Ghante. So has their ever been any kind of confusion which these two versatile actors have faced? Bollywood Hungama spoke to Rajat Kapoor to get the facts straight from the actor-director's mouth, "There has been lots of confusion which has been going around since the last 12 years (laughs). We take it with a lot of joy and update each other about the recent goof-ups which have taken place whenever we meet." So what is that one funny moment which he can recollect in the recent past, "In the recent past, the real funny incident took place three months back (Dec 07) when somebody wanted to send me a Christmas cake and they sent it to Rajit Kapur and he ate it and then even called this lady to thank her for the cake. It was then that she realized that it didn't reach the right person but thankfully she sent me another cake." he signs off with a smile. Life indeed can be quite tricky if 2 people (especially from the same industry) share the same name.

Farah Khan and Farah Khan Ali

Choreographer turned director Farah Khan surely has made her mark in Bollywood over the last decade getting top stars dancing to her tunes. While she was the only known Farah Khan in the industry when she started out, she too had to face some amount of confusion courtesy her namesake Farah Khan Ali. The latter (filmmaker Sanjay Khan's daughter) is a well known jewellery designer. Considering she is DJ Aqueel's better half she is quite active on the party circuit. Well with 2 Farahs ruling the roost in the tinsel town, one can't blame the aam-junta if they get confused with their names.

Kay Kay Menon and KK

One is an actor known for his intense roles in films like Black Friday, Sarkar and Life….In a Metro, while the other is the man with the golden voice who has crooned many hits like Tadap Tadap , Pal , and the recent Aankhon Mein Teri from Om Shanti Om.
Yes we are talking about the multi-talented Kay Kay Menon and the singer par excellence K.K. This is one more B-town jodi who share quite a similar name. While the singer K.K. prefers using this name rather than his full name Krishna Kumar, the actor's name has been Kay Kay right since the beginning and for all those who didn't know it does have a meaning. Kay Kay apparently means victory in Chinese and is as common a name as Vijay in India, the actor himself had told Bollywood Hungama. Sure, it must be quite interesting when singer KK lends his voice to his own namesake.

The 'Sen'sational Trio - Raima Sen , Reema Sen and Rimmi Sen

Bollywood has seen many 'Sen'sational Bong beauties, but sometimes too many Sen's can lead to a lot of confusion, especially if their first names also are quite similar. Take for example Raima Sen (Eklavya, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.), Reema Sen (Hum Ho Gaye Aap Ke , Malamaal Weekly) and Rimii Sen (Dhoom, Hungama, Golmaal ). They may look different on-screen but off-screen their names have created confusion among both fans and industrywallahs. Bollywood Hungama spoke to Raima Sen and asked her if she ever faced such a situation because of her name, "Earlier people used to mistake me for Reema as well as for Rimii. But what is quite amusing is that when many people get confused and think that I am Riya Sen." So in this case its not just between her co-stars but Raima is also often mistaken to be her own sister.