Salman's tea obsession!


Mumbai, Aug. 6 -- Madhu my Mottu Maid has now come in with a can of chilled cola and insists that I must have it with a tiddybitty on Salman Khan. What about him now, I wonder, and she tells me that I was indulging in too much tea and coffee of late.

Huh? She claims that at the recent press conference of Bigg Boss 4, Sallu realised that he was having too much chai. "Just imagine, a dozen cups of masala chai and as many servings of black tea," she rolls her eyes, adding that Sallu then opted to chill with some cola. Really now! Stupid Mots thinks two cups of sugar-free tea or coffee is indulgence. Kya karun main iska? But then, such is life dearies.