Salman's tangled affairs!



Mumbai, July 20 -- He got a breather on Friday, July 19 when his hearing in the 2002 hit-and-run case was moved to July 24, but Salman Khan's personal life continues to be muddled.

The star, believed to be seeing Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur, is apparently seething since she has become an easy target for gossip columns. "Salman bhai is not liking the disrespect and disregard towards her. He doesn't want any of his family members or close friends to talk about such things," says an insider close to the actor. A few days ago, a daily had carried images of Iulia and her alleged ex-husband Marius Moga. "Salman bhai has been particular about the dignity of women, especially in the media. That's why you aren't likely to hear anything about Iulia from his family members or pals," adds the insider.

Salman's father Salim, was rather evasive about the details of his son's love life. "He is a grown man. I don't interfere in his personal life. It's his choice and I don't want to get into it (sic)," the veteran writer had told HT Cafe in an interview. Salman might not open up about his relationship, but insiders maintain that the two are "quite close". "He has known Iulia for more than a year, but they have gotten closer recently. Those who are close to him have met Iulia occasionally, but no one could see it (the relationship) coming," adds the insider.

Salman, who has just returned from Hyderabad (where Iulia also accompanied him) after shooting for Mental, isn't anywhere close to settling down. "There is no marriage on the cards," adds the insider. Iulia, meanwhile, has returned to Romania after spending about two months in India.