Salman's Holi with Hazel!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 22 -- Never mind what the Khan-daan says, it seems there's a growing bond between Salman Khan and Hazel Keech. That's what my dhobi Safdi Lal is claiming this morning. According to him, the British actor, who also features in Bodyguard, seems to be gaining familiarity with the family. Matlab?

Meaning, I'm informed that this Hazel gal was the only heroine who made her presence felt at his Holi party at his farmhouse on Sunday morning. Now, before you wonder if the Dabangg dude didn't invite any of his other major heroines, my washerman asserts that he had in fact... But for some reason, best known to himself, the actor ensured that she was at his farmhouse on the dot of time.

Now, I don't mind the single Khan being ever-ready to mingle... But who is this Hazel Keech anyway? Surely I expected Sallu to be interested in a happening gal, if his ex-loves are any indication. Or is that too much to ask for, huh?