Salman's father Salim Khan's love for bikes


By Hindustan Times

That John Abraham is a bike freak is a very well known fact. But as they say, Bollywood is all about the most unlikely people and their passions. True to this, it was recently discovered that it's not just John, but also Salman Khan's father Salim Khan who loves bikes.

Salim was seen with his prized possession- a fully restored 1956 Triumph Tiger T100, the very same bike that he had purchased for a sum of Rs. 4,950 while he used to live in Indore. The said bike, which was gifted to him on his birthday by his son Sohail, also won the 'Best Restored Motorcycle' award at the recently held 'Vintage Car Fiesta 2013' in Mumbai (organized by the Vintage & Classic Car Club of India).

When a daily asked him about the origin of his fascination towards bikes, Salim said that he was not the only one magnetized by these mean machines. In fact he had read in the international film mags that even Marlon Brando and James Dean owned Triumph motorcycles! Khan, whose first trip on his bike was from Ratlam to his house in Indore, even had a special registration number: Jaora 1.

Looking at Salim Khan and his passion for the bikes, one is reminded of the world famous statement by a legend, who said that "When it comes to these mean machines, age becomes just a number!"