Salman:Kutta mat bolna!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 7 -- Hi da hi my darling dimsums! How goes it with you this morning? It's not exactly going guns and tofhas for me, but if I had my way, I'd certainly like to blow away some of the irritating people I meet these days. Now, before I give such irritants any more importance, let's get straight to your dose of daily goss... instead of wasting our time and breath on them. Hai na?

For starters, I've been told that Salman Khan was flaunting his love rather blatantly when he went to Film City in Goregaon recently.

Now don't get any ideas, for my khabru is talking about the actor's three pet canines, My Love, Veer and Saint, with whom he sauntered in to the sets of the television show, India's Got Talent or something such in his Dabangg avatar.

Sporting his Chulbul Pandey look, the actor announced that while it's known that Indians are a talented lot, our country's dogs too are no less gifted. And then, he proceeded to show his pets' talent as he got them to perform a couple of tricks. Later, when he did a jig to his movie's track, Veer, My Love and Saint stayed put in their places, not moving even a centimeter here or there.

Aur pata hai kya? My informer claims that Sallu doesn't like his pets being called 'dogs'... and insisted that they be addressed by their names. Kyun? Kyunki, I'm told he stated that since he considered them his children, then no one could dare to refer to them as kuttas. Point noted, Sallu bhai.