Salman, Yusuf: Daant mein dard?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 27 -- Guess who was required to visit a doctor in the neighbourhood recently, wonders my dhobi as he strolls in. I fire him that I've neither the time nor the inclination for guessing games and Safedi Lal tells me it was Salman Khan.

Seems the hunky actor, who's currently shooting for Bodyguard, had some tooth trouble the other day... and to resolve it, rushed to his friendly dentist's clinic at Bandstand.

Interestingly, Yusuf Pathan, who plays for Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders, too went in to seek help for his dental woe. Not surprisingly, the two exchanged pleasantries, before Sallu left for his home. As for Yusuf, he went to party at SRK's Mannat. Fences mended? We hope so. Hmmm.