Salman-Vijay: 'No compromise'

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- The war between Salman Khan and Vijay Galani is turning out to be more interesting than the fights in their movie, Veer ( 2010).

Reportedly, the actor sent the producer a legal notice last year for non-payment of dues amounting to R 15 crore after he learnt that despite telling him that the film had flopped and he should cut down on his agreed price, Galani had declared a profit of R 10 crore.

When the notice was ignored, he filed a complaint a with the FWICE following which the workers' body issued a no-cooperation directive against him according to which he can't start a movie till dues are cleared. Galani denies receiving a legal notice, reasoning that there's no document or contract to substantiate the claim. Putting forth the same argument with the AMPTPP, he has had the non-cooperation move dismissed.