Salman-Priyanka deny being 5am friends!


By Hindustan Times

Following rumours of their '5am friendship' ever since they were clicked together in the wee hours, both Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra have denied the reports in separate interviews.

However, Salman told Zoom in an interview that though not a 5am one but Priyanka was his friend. About the picture clicked of the two together outside his Galaxy apartment, Salman shook it off as no big deal that someone wanted to take a click him and PC together.

Priyanka, too, denied the news to the channel, writing off the hype about the photo as a cheap display of media and paparazzi.

It was revealed later that the two stars' meeting was apparently a professional and not a personal one. Salman and Priyanka were reportedly meeting for a film they may be doing together. The actors will apparently star opposite each other in a romantic film directed by Sallu's brother Sohail Khan.

It is also reported that it was none other than Salman who selected Priyanka for the role. The two have been seen socialising a great deal of late, including Karan Johar's recent party. Salman even praised PC's debut album In My City on Twitter.