Salman Khan's Kick to be bigger than Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3!


By Hindustan Times

Salman Khan is thinking big, and how. While his Dabangg 2 is all set to create some dhamaka once its promo arrives next week, there is still some uncertainty about his next with brother Sohail Khan. However, what he is sure that his very next project after that, Kick, is the biggest of them
all as far as any Indian films are concerned.

"The mandate for the team of Kick is simple - if you are looking at making a world class action thriller, better make it large. The standards have been set by his own action film Ek Tha Tiger. By the time Kick goes on floor, Krrish 3 visuals would be out. By the time it is nearing completion, Dhoom 3 would have released. With audience exposed to some mind-blowing action already, there is no point in making Kick if it doesn't offer something even bigger. Salman and producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala are on the same page, and hence quite some time is being given to getting it absolutely right on paper", informs an insider.

This is the reason why novelist Chetan Bhagat was brought on board to do the renewed screenplay which is adapted from the Telugu blockbuster.

"Yes, I have a job in hand because we have to be bigger than the best. Luckily, the film's budget is going to be very high which means I can run my imagination wild to make it larger than life affair. Moreover, the very core of Kick has so much potential to allow some mind-blowing action sequences", says Chetan who is working on adapting someone else's work for the first time.

He continues, "I am very happy that neither Salman nor Sajid want this film to be a quickie remake affair. If they wanted, they could have played safe. However, we are paying homage to the original while also bringing it to a level which justifies Salman's presence in the film. We are not comparing with the other biggies (Krrish 3, Dhoom 3) that are being made, but we sure are looking at the biggest film ever made. With the kind of package that we are arriving with, we have to give people something which is indeed worth it."

Surely, Salman will approve.