Salman Khan takes off his shirt on a television show!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

It is not everyday that one gets to see Salman Khan at his humorous best. Salman made a grand entry on the sets Amul Star Voice of India Chhote Ustad. He swept the crowd as he stepped onto the stage with his hit song ‘Hai Rama Rama Ho’ from the film, Lucky. Once Salman gets into the groove then there’s no stopping him. He danced with the Chhote Ustad’s contestants, Aishwarya, Anvesha and Prakriti.

But the real treat was something totally unexpected. Salman on the request of his kid fans and audience removed his shirt in the true ‘Salman-i-shtyle’. He flexed his muscles and drove the audience wild. "We all, including the audience went crazy when he took off his shirt. This was the best episodic shoot I have ever experience; it was filled with fun", said the Chhote Ustad contestant, Aishwarya who has been a big fan of Salman Khan since her childhood.