Salman Khan not ghost-directing Dabangg 2: Arbaaz Khan


By Hindustan Times

Actor-producer Arbaaz Khan will soon make his debut as a director with the release of his next production, Dabangg 2, on December 21. The promos of the Salman Khan-starrer have been received well.

But a certain rumour about the actor having ghost-directed the film has irked Arbaaz. “It’s all rubbish,” says the first-time director. “Salman has to do his work — acting, fighting and dancing. Will he do that or will he direct? We make too much out of the fact that he has suggestions. He has his take on how he wants to do scenes, which is fair.”

According to Arbaaz, every actor gives suggestions when they’re shooting. And he feels there’s no harm in hearing what they have to say. “There’s no ego here. The film is being made because Salman is starring in it, so if he suggests something, I do consider it,” says Arbaaz.

Do such aspersions bother him? “No. They would matter if there was any truth to them. Many directors face this situation,” says Arbaaz, adding that when Aditya Chopra directed Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995), rumours suggested that Yash Chopra ghost-directed it. When Karan Johar made his first film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), people insinuated that Adi had helped him and so on.

“Bhai hai toh kya hua (so what if he’s my brother)? On the sets of my film, Salman is an extremely successful actor and I am a debutant director.”