Salman Khan on Katrina Kaif and his website


By IndiaFM

Salman Khan is bamboozled. Television channels have been airing a "letter" supposedly written by dad Salim Khan addressed to the superstar. "Son, I'm getting old now and I'm waiting to play with your children. Please settle down," is what Salim saab has allegedly requested of his son.

Salman is puzzled since he can't understand why his father will need to write a letter and release it to a television channel. "We live in the same house. My dad can call me in his room and talk to me. I really want to know who has written this letter and how did the news channel play it up without verifying if it was actually Salim Khan who had written it," he says. Salman who is currently shooting for Boney Kapoor's Wanted Dead Or Alive and Subhash Ghai's Yuvraj is also a little disconcerted with all the compliments he has received for a series of paintings depicting trees that he's supposed to have done in Jodhpur jail. "I didn't make those paintings as the television channels will have you believe. If you like them then please praise the real artiste and not me," he says.

Ask him to react to all those stories that insinuate that he's unhappy with Katrina Kaif signing a Rajkumar Santoshi film opposite Shahid Kapoor and the Akshay Kumar starrer Singh Is Kinng and he says, "I'm Salman Khan, an actor. I'm not a secretary who will decide which films an actor should or should not do." The actor also downplays news reports that he asked Santoshi to throw out Shahid from the Katrina starrer. "I've been here for 18 years and every now and then there have been incidents of younger actors trying to get mileage by latching on to my name. It doesn't bother me. We all know what happens to them," he says pointing to you-know-who.

But is it true that he has a problem with the length of Katrina's dress in the Ooncha Lamba Kad song of Welcome, which is currently on air? "As long as Katrina adheres to the Doordarshan guidelines which we are all supposed to follow then she can wear whatever she wants to," he says.

The way he makes it to the tabloids every other day maybe he should be called the King of the Tabloids. The actor's sense of humour kicks in when he retorts, "Why that? First they called me Killer Khan then they called me Ponytail Khan maybe now they can call me King of the Human Race Khan," he says. Jokes aside, the actor has had it with so called "sources" and friends commenting on his behalf. Sensing the need to give his side of the story, the actor has decided to start his website Being Human.Com which will be operational from next month. "No source or friend has the authority to speak on my behalf. Whenever I'll say something, I'll own up to it. If my fans want to know anything that is happening in my life then they just need to log on to the website. Even though I don't know how to type I'll get someone to type for me in my own words so that the truth is known," he signs off.