Salman Khan gets candid about his Bigg Boss price tag


By Hindustan Times

Every film producer wants to cast him. Every brand wants him to sell their product. So much so that Bigg Boss apart, Salman Khan is all over television, either selling chappals or telling you to buy a health supplement because he’s been having it for years.

We ask the man with the golden touch what it’s like to be everywhere, if he worries about overexposure and why there’s never any news of him vacationing.

You seem to be all over television — not just with Bigg Boss, but with numerous ads and the recent Dabangg 2 promotions. Do you ever worry about overexposure?
Really? Numerous ads? (Smiles) I don’t worry about overexposure; I worry about not growing. Till the time I’m growing, I’m fine with overexposure. If I stop growing, I will cut down on the exposure.

Is it true that you charged Rs. 4 cr per episode for Bigg Boss this season?
I wish, man, but that’s not true. I think it was Rs. 7.75 cr. Write that so people who read this will feel jealous. Say I’m getting Rs. 7.75 cr per episode, plus for Re 1 cr for re-runs; then see their reactions. Think about it. People will be shocked and won’t get work at the same price. Then all work, including theirs, will come to me. And I will do it for Rs. 50 lakh, which is my price (smiles). We bargain with producers and channels depending on how badly we need the money.

While the rest of Bollywood takes off to international locales for vacations quite often, we only hear of you going to your farmhouse in Panvel for a break. Do you not take holidays? Or do you not talk about them?
My whole life has been a holiday. When you like what you do, your life’s a holiday. You don’t need breaks or feel, ‘I have worked too hard and I need a two-month vacation’. Till the age of 19-20, I was wondering if I would ever be able to get good work in my life. Now that things are going well, suddenly, you want me to take holidays? Naah! What’s the point? And even if I did take a break from shooting, I would work on Being Human, not go to a foreign destination.

When are you going to the US for your next health check-up, though?
I will be going in a month. I am supposed to go every six months, and I am six months late.

Your doctors had advised you to not do strenuous stunts last year. Can you risk doing them now?
This thing is now life-long. I have to take particular care while doing stunts.