Salman Khan to endorse Gitanjali's price protection schemes


By Hindustan Times

Branded jewellery retailer andmanufacturer Gitanjali Group has roped in Bollywood actor Salman Khan to endorse two of its schemes that seek to provide a cover to consumers against the rising gold prices. "Salman is a superstar with a tremendous mass appeal. He speaks the language of the
people and establishes an instant connect with them," Gitanjali Group CMD Mehul Choksi said here.

"He is the perfect choice for reaching out to consumers and letting them realise how easy it is to plan their jewellery purchase for special occasions through regular small savings," Choksi added.

The schemes are Swarna Mangal and Shagun.

Swarna Mangal is a price protection plan. It offers flexibility in payment and redemption options, he said.

Shagun is a jewellery accumulation plan designed to save up to buy jewellery for the big occasions, he added.