Salman Khan comes to Katrina's rescue!


By Hindustan Times

Katrina Kaif was in for an unpleasant surprise, when a shoot was interrupted by Members of FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) who claimed she had not registered with them.

The FWICE recently sent summons to Kat on the sets of her deodorant commercial shoot at Mehboob Studios and stopped the shoot. Apparently, it is mandatory for all working actors to be registered with the organisation, reports a daily.

The members of the body demanded her registration number, but the actor could not produce it as she had not completed the legal formalities. Katrina was then issued a warning and asked to comply with the rules.

Salman-KatrinaCalls were made, and the matter was settled only when Salman intervened, and when he personally assured them that the registration would be completed, did they allow the shoot to be completed.

President of FWICE, Dinesh Chaturvedi, told the daily: "We didn't halt the shoot, but we wanted to know why Katrina still isn't a member of our organisation. I understand she has a busy schedule, but it doesn't take that long to finish the formalities. Every one from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan has registered with us."

Adding that he did get a call from ’Salmanbhai’, “saying that the needful will be done”, he claims: “I am speaking only for the benefit of the actors who aren't registered. Since Katrina is the only big star who doesn't have the card, we wanted to know how we could help her out."

Chaturvedi says that though the card only costs Rs 600, it has many benefits. "It gives you insurance of around two lakh, besides you can even use it during international schedules. Our organisation is working towards making life easier for the industry."