Salman Khan celebrates Mahashivratri


By Hindustan Times

Salman Khan has flown down from Cuba just in time to celebrate Mahashivratri with his family. The actor is reportedly a huge devotee of Lord Shiva and has planned a major aarti to celebrate the God's birthday.

"Salman believes in Lord Shiva as much as he believes in other Gods. Last year was the first time he missed Ganpati celebrations as he was undergoing a surgery in the US for his nerve disorder and he was definitely not happy about that," one of Salman's friends told Mumbai Mirror.


While most of the family including Arbaaz, Sohail and Malaika have been invited to the aarti, which will be held at their farmhouse in Karjat, Salman and dad Salim Khan will be doing the main rituals, says the tabloid.

"The farmhouse has a Shiva shrine. Salim and Salman have renovated it. They have also appointed a pujari who does a small ritual every morning and also maintains the temple," the same friend is quoted by the tabloid as saying.

"The celebration will also include over 125 villagers from the neighbouring area. The Khan family reportedly takes Shiv Ratri as seriously as they do Iftaar and on both occasions, food is distributed among the poor and sent to orphanages, old-age homes, besides friends and relatives," says Mumbai Mirror.