Salman Khan: Bhai mat kaho naa!



New Delhi, May 4 – A large part of the film industry and all his fans call him 'Bhai' out of love and respect, but actor Salman Khan does not seem too pleased with the tag. "I have four sisters already - two of my own and two rakhi sisters. That is enough. I don't want more sisters yaar," Khan said on a visit to the city on Wednesday. "If a pretty lady calls me bhai, I get very embarrassed. I often tell a friend standing next to me to request her not to call me bhai," he said with a sheepish grin on his face.

Asked how he manages to be a fitness icon for the youth even at 47, Khan said it's got to do with him being a happy man. "My father says that after the age of 30, a man is responsible for how he looks. So, if you are a frustrated person then it will show on your face," he shared.

Khan, who was here to launch a merchandise store of his NGO, said those with money should spend on charity. "People say that it's the intention that matters. I don't agree with that. I feel that if people have the money, they should do charity, whether it is for building a public image, compensating for negative karma or out of genuine concern for the cause, it's important to help people," he said.