Salman Khan announces his official fan club!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Feb. 21 -- Salman Khan is not only one of the biggest Bollywood stars, but also one of the most-searched actor on the Internet.

Which explains why he is planning to connect with his fans using Google Plus. Aiming to make optimum use of technology, the actor announced his official new page via a live Google Plus Hangout in the city on Wednesday.

He also revealed that he is scouting for the biggest Dabangg fan, who will then be appointed as the co-manager of his first official fan club on the Internet platform. This person will be chosen from his fans on the same forum. Having been in the limelight for his charity work, Salman also launched the Being Human page yesterday. This page will help people to contribute to the cause more conveniently.

Through the official Salman Khan page, fans will also get an exclusive look at the latest merchandise from the label.