Salman: 'I prayed for Biwi Ho Toh Aisi not to do well, but it ran for 100 days'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 23 -- A lot of people don't know that Maine Pyar Kiya was not your first film and that it was Biwi Ho Toh Aisi Ho? A lot of people know that in fact and I prayed for that film not to do well. But it did 100 days, so just imagine how God doesn't listen to me. Why did you make that choice to act with Rekha and Farooq Sheikh?

Arre, I had no choice. It was the first film I got. And I thought it was the best film ever. There was Rekha ji, Farooq Sheikh, Kader Khan. That combination of Kader Khan - Shakti Kapoor was working well in movies at that point of time. And I was playing the young romantic lead with Renu Arya.

I met her on a flight recently and I didn't recognise her. Same thing with Bhagyashree when I met her in Filmistan Sudio. I haven't met them in 22 years. Ajay Devgn and I were sitting down and this girl walks up to me in heels and says, 'Hi Salman.' I say 'Hey.' She asks, 'What's up?' and I reply 'All good. You ok?' Then she says, 'A******, you don't recognise me? I said, 'Bhagyashree! I'm so sorry! Don't blame me, apna chehra bhool jaoonga main kabhi! (I'll forget my own face one day).