'Salman has an amazing screen presence'


Author: Vikas Hotwani

Director of 'Marigold' Willard Carroll says he is in awe of the actor

The fact that Salman Khan is a generous host is no secret. Time and again there have been instances where Khan has surprised many, not with his bulging biceps but with unparalleled charm and friendly nature, the latest one being the director of 'Marigold', Willard Carroll.

"Salman has an amazing screen presence and is a fabulous person. I never expected we would hit off this well. Today, he is like a younger brother to me," says Willard.

'Marigold' which marks Salman's Hollywood debut is the director's first brush with Bollywood as well. "I had seen a Bollywood film in Chennai four years back on my visit to India and was fascinated by the music, dance and melodrama in the movie. It's amazing how Indian movies explore the spectrum of emotions between characters," explains the director who claims to have shot the movie with an all Indian crew.
Though many may perceive Bollywood as an industry far from being organised, Willard claims of having no problems at all. "Many people say Bollywood movies are always behind schedule, I didn't see any such problem despite having a jam packed schedule of merely 41 days," he adds.

While the film may be based on Ali Larter's first brush with the film industry in India, the movie is being pitched for an international audience who seem to have little insights on the industry. "Being the director, it's the outsider's perspective on the industry that produces some of the world class cinema. US audience has vaguely heard of Bollywood actors but don't know much about them. The movie is an attempt to showcase the industry to ones who know nothing about it," he explains.

So, what does the Hollywood director has to say about the term 'Bollywood' been seen in the derogatory sense with many of the industry seniors? "I tried to be respectful to the industry by not using the term too often in the movie. However, I don't see it in a derogatory sense," he signs off.

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