Salman-Genelia: Last minute plans!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 7 -- Good morning my mint ki golis! How are you all doing? It's day one of the week for moi, and I'm still in my holiday mood, yawning and stretching across my bed. But that's not how I can continue to give you today's taaza khabar, straight from Bollywood's bakeries na! So, here goes; your daily dose of goss with my cuppa of garam green tea...

For starters, I've been told that Salman Khan made Genelia D'Souza change all her plans this weekend. No, no... before all the young ladies reading this feel like strangling themselves, let me tell you that they weren't going out for a date or anything! The actors were promoting a certain star-studded cricket match for which they had to be present at the venue in time.

However, my super sleuth Sher Lock Holmes reports that Miss Genelia didn't know that she was the brand ambassador of this cricket tournament with Salman. Then on the morning of the event she heard the news from my dildaar Khan. Bas aur kya? The girl dropped everything the minute she received the call from Sallu and reached the venue in the most perfect outfit.

The two sat together and cheered for their respective teams. Gene baby even received some fitness and work tips from Salman Khan. Honestly, I won't be surprised if she is now seen in one of Sallu's next. No?