Salman dubs, writes lyrics for his kiddie flick


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 27 -- Salman Khan is going out of his way for his first maiden co-production, Chillar Party. The actor has done a voice-over for the film, where he introduces the young characters, and has written some lyrics for the introductory promo.

"Since he loved the film and came on board as a producer, Salman is doing whatever he can to help promote it," says Chillar Party co-director Vikas Bahl.

Though Salman loved the trailer, he felt it lacked a certain 'punch'. So, he decided to dub the voice-over in his impromptu style. "The film carries a certain attitude, which gels perfectly with Salman," says Bahl. Like a thorough professional, Salman didn't even take a lot of time to wrap up his work. "He finished the dubbing within five minutes and in one take. We didn't have to tell him anything because he knew what it needed," adds Bahl.

The trailer of Chillar Party, a film about a gang of innocent and feisty kids, will hit theatres along with Salman's Ready on July 3. The lyrics written by the actor will be revealed in a separate trailer later.