Salman caught in the web?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 24 -- It's rumoured that Salman Khan, who has been sporting Being Human Tees at every public appearance, plans to set up an online store for his signature clothing line, which was recently displayed at a Fashion Week in the city.

The T-shirts have been selling like hot cakes at a city store popular for its cotton garments. The store's website recently crashed because of heavy traffic. Customers have been purchasing the Tees in bulk, in India and abroad.

Says a source, "The demand for the Tees has been overwhelming. In fact, there is a waiting line for them. It's the first time in Indian retail history that a store's website crashed due to heavy queuing up for a single brand." When asked, the actor says, "A lot of people have been asking me to launch the official Being Human T-shirt. I have worked with a garment brand to make them available at affordable prices (Rs 495 for men and Rs 435 for the women). Such initiatives help the Foundation expand its reach and corpus."

Another source close to Khan adds that there is a lot of demand from overseas customers for the Tees. And now, an online store for the brand is being planned. It should be ready early next year. Says the source, "NRIs have been asking their friends and relatives in India to ship out the Tees for them. A customer at Phoenix Mills picked up 25 T-shirts during one shopping spree." Way to go!