Salman and I share amazing chemistry: Sanjay Dutt


By Hindustan Times

On October 2, at the age of 52, Sanjay Dutt made his TV debut as Salman Khan’s co-host on Bigg Boss 5. Just before the reality show went on air, he admitted that he was nervous. Two months later, Sanjay says he is comfortable with the medium.

“I was a little apprehensive in the first week, but the Colors team is great and Salman was around to boost my confidence. It’s nice to have him back after his surgery. He and I share an amazing chemistry. But now I’m not afraid of going solo,” says Dutt, adding that he doesn’t attempt to become someone else in front of the contestants in the House and telly viewers. “I’m me, sometimes funny, sometimes even angry. I don’t keep ratings in mind, I do my job from the heart.”

Quiz him on taking over from Salman as the host of Dus Ka Dum and he retorts, “The channel hasn’t approached me yet. I haven’t got any offers from any other channels either. But if something interesting comes along, I’m game. I could even produce a TV show in the future, once we’ve (his production house) made a few movies.”

However, on the subject of entering or even staying in the Bigg Boss House, Sanjay’s denial is firm. “No way, not even for a day! Having been in jail I just do not like being confined,” he says, adding that most people would want to break free after being locked up for 10 days even if they’re given every luxury, but refused access to phones, TV and communication.

He says, “Hats off to these contestants for going in with the intention of sticking around for 90 days. I didn’t voluntarily choose to be confined, but when it happened, I didn’t crib. I accepted it as a lesson, learnt from it and moved on. But today I wouldn’t sacrifice my freedom for anything in the world.”