Sallu in Mr India 3D


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Aug. 9 -- If he were alive, Mogambo khush hota. Because the cult sci-fi movie of which he was the famous villain is being remade, this time in 3D. Producer Boney Kapoor will make the sequel of Mr India (1987), with Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in their original roles and Salman Khan as the villain.

"The film will be shot in 3D with a budget of over R150 crore. I'm roping in international technicians for the special effects," says Boney. Currently, three screenwriters are working on the script. However, he says, "it will only go on the floor after No Entry 2's release in 2012, and is expected to hit theatres in November 2014."

Though Shekhar Kapur directed the original, the producer is still unsure about whether he will helm the sequel. "Mr India and Shekhar go together. In what capacity, I don't know, but he will be part of it," he says. Boney also has plans of roping in son Arjun Kapoor and a newcomer, as his love interest, for the film that will bring Anil and Sri together after Judaai (1997). "Anil and Sridevi will continue to play Arun Verma and Seema Sohni from the original."

Amrish Puri, who played the legendary baddie Mogambo, passed away a few years ago. Recalling his iconic performance, Boney says, "His death was a huge loss for the film industry. Mr India wouldn't be the same without Amrish's deadly portrayal of Mogambo. But, he's hoping Salman will prove a good choice. "I have spoken to Salman about the idea and he is kicked about it ... we have also roped in AR Rahman to do the music."