Salim-Sulaiman impress with their music in 'Luck'


By Ruchika Kher

Album: "Luck"; Music Directors: Salim Merchant-Sulaiman Merchant; Lyricists: Shabbir Ahmed and Anvita Dutt Guptan; Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Satya Hinduja, Salim Merchant, Shruti Pathak, Naresh Kamat, Shruti Haasan, Clinton Cerejo, Anushka Manchanda and Robert Bob Omulo; Rating: ***

Composer siblings Salim and Sulaiman Merchant have once again churned out a potential hit album with "Luck". The soundtrack of the film, which stars Sanjay Dutt and Imran Khan, is powerful, hip, edgy and very impressive.

The movie is scheduled to hit screens July 24 and the album has five originals and four remixes.

"Aazma (Luck is the key)" is brilliantly sung by southern superstar Kamal Haasan's daughter Shruti, who is also making her debut in Bollywood with the film. Clinton Cerejo joins her behind the mike. It is a racy number and packs in a lot of punch.

Another version of the song is crooned by Sukhwinder Singh, Satya Hinduja and is equally captivating. This one too is foot-tapping and energetic with the electric guitar taking precedence.

The song also has a remix version, which is average.

Up next is "Jee le", which starts with the strumming of the guitar. The track is a mix of Indian and Western influences and has Shruti Pathak and Naresh Kamat behind the mike. The vocals are quite impressive and the song has a hip-hop feel to it.

This one too has a remix version, which has nothing special but more beats.

The next song is "Khudaya ve". A romantic number, it is the best number of the soundtrack. Crooned by Salim Merchant, the song is soft, free-flowing and enchanting. It makes the listener sit up and hear the entire song. It is sure to become a hit.

"Khudaya ve" has two remix versions - the radio mix is not that great, but the other version is interesting and close to the original.

The last is "Lagaa le", an out-and-out dance number. It is sung by Anushka Manchanda, who is perfect for a song like this. Robert Bob Omulo gives her company behind the mike.

All in all, after hit soundtracks like "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" and "8x10 Tasveer", Salim-Sulaiman have proved their expertise once again and have created interesting and catchy renditions.