Saif's Agent Vinod banned in Pakistan


By Hindustan Times

Saif-Kareena's spy thriller has been banned in Pakistan by Islamabad censor board. According to sources, several references to Pakistan, have not gone down well with the board. It feels that the storyline could hurt sentiments in Pakistan, say reports.

It's not the first time Saif's home production has found itself in the middle of a controversy. A Tehran-based pop band, Barobax, has pointed out striking resemblances to their 2010 track, Soosan khanoom. Not just the peppy beats, but also the music video set in Café Paris, has invited comparisons, given that three of the band members, Khashayar, Keivan and Hamid, make funny faces and clown around, à la Saif in a hotel lobby in the video.

Youtube posts also suggest that the song also draws from Hassan Jahangir’s Hawa Hawa Khushboo Luta De.

Brushing aside the allegations, co-producer Dinesh Vijan retorts, “There is no infringement of copyright or any other right. And any attempt to initiate proceedings for alleged infringement of copyright is ill-conceived, ill-advised and untenable by law. Any action in this regard will be vigorously opposed and resisted in accordance with the law.”

Meanwhile this is that people are discussing on Twitter about the ban:

@nehathtsme: Agent Vinod banned by Pakistan Censor Board..they say its UnSaif.. :P

@satyajithpinku: Poor Saif Last tym he tried to earn mileage by Arakshan being bannd in many states, now he is trying the same with PAK banning Agent Vinod

@rameshsrivats: Agent Vinod is banned in Pakistan, which therefore, continues to remain, an unsaif country