Saif, Arjun and Yuvraj on the cover of GQ


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

The much awaited news has just hit the stands (read 'news stands'). We are indeed talking about GQ, the world's leading men's magazine and their super-mega Indian launch, which has got none other than the Nawab Pataudi Jr. (Saif Ali Khan) himself for starters. Even though he looks his usual element on the cover along with a hot PYT chic, we would have definitely preferred him with his trademark glares.

Nevertheless, this issue has Saif speaking (read 'confessing') that "Married men who are inaccessible are definitely hotter for women... In most of my relationships, I've been unfaithful, and I don't want to do that anymore... I've done things backwards. I've been married; I've lived with someone, now I'm dating someone." Honest confessions there by Saif!

If that was not enough, the readers can feast their eyes on the super hot and super sexy Yuvraj Singh (who is a pro in both bowling maiden over as well as even the maidens over!) and Arjun Rampal, to say the least!

And if that was not enough, the magazine also has Karan Johar as the contributing editor. Looking at the launch issue, we can surely say that 'GQ...has arrived'!