Sadhus queue for Om Shanti Om tickets


By IndiaFM

Bollywood never had it so good and so exciting. Ever since the dates of two of Bollywood’s most awaited films (Om Shanti Om and Saawariya) have been announced, there have been lots of ‘displacements’ and ‘migrations’. In fact, this kind of migration had taken place in Chennai, when the superstar Rajnikant’s fans did not get the tickets to his latest blockbuster Sivaji, they travelled to Delhi, to catch up with the first day first show. Likewise, the trade has the same reports to state for the ticket bookings of Farah Khan’s OSO. So much so that, its not only the Bollywood fans, but also the saints and like minded people have migrated to Mumbai to get a first hand account of OSO.

The above caricature seems to denote that the sadhus also are choosing Om Shanti Om as the path to nirvana. What an excitement for this movie! When will Friday come?!!!