Rule 1 for return: Akki chucks English!

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 6 -- At a time when most of the Hindi film industry swears largely, and at times literally, by English, actor Akshay Kumar has decided to reject the language.

"Earlier, I used to feel it's cool to talk in English, but now my opinion has changed. I've realised that talking in Hindi is much better," says Akshay, adding, "If you converse in Hindi, whatever you want to communicate is easily understood by others too. Else, in a bid to appear cool, we become uncool." Akshay insists that since he is a Bollywood actor, he should ideally make it a point to speak in Hindi at all times.

"It's not like I haven't spoken in English before, but now, I've taken a decision to talk only, or at least mostly, in Hindi," he says. Unlike his contemporaries, the actor also has no qualms admitting he's "much more comfortable with H