ROLE REVERSAL: Now Salman Khan to pay his producers?

By Hindustan Times

After delivering back-to-back blockbusters, Salman Khan is writing new rules for his upcoming films. The actor will now pay his producers a fixed sum of money for a project and keep rest of the profts with him.

“Though many may think that Salman’s decision smells of over-confidence, the new rule makes a lot of sense. One needs to understand, that by agreeing to pay the production costs and a fixed amount to the producers, Salman is taking a huge risk. In case a film fails to generate expected returns, he will lose a lot of money,” a source told Mumbai Mirror.

But will this model be profitable to producers? “Over the last couple of years, Salman’s films at an average made around Rs. 140-150 crore. And with this new rule, the producer will stand to g