ROLE REVERSAL: Now Salman Khan to pay his producers?


By Hindustan Times

After delivering back-to-back blockbusters, Salman Khan is writing new rules for his upcoming films. The actor will now pay his producers a fixed sum of money for a project and keep rest of the profts with him.

“Though many may think that Salman’s decision smells of over-confidence, the new rule makes a lot of sense. One needs to understand, that by agreeing to pay the production costs and a fixed amount to the producers, Salman is taking a huge risk. In case a film fails to generate expected returns, he will lose a lot of money,” a source told Mumbai Mirror.

But will this model be profitable to producers? “Over the last couple of years, Salman’s films at an average made around Rs. 140-150 crore. And with this new rule, the producer will stand to get only Rs. 15-20 crore apart from the production costs. A big amount that would have earlier gone to the producers would now be taken by Salman,” the source was quoted by the talboid.

Trade experts however supports Salman's new rule. “If I am not mistaken, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and even Akshay Kumar have adopted this model earlier. Then why not Salman?” says Amod Mehra.

“Salman deserves this. Just by agreeing to do a film for any producer, he is doing a big favour," says Taran Adarsh.