Rohit Roy to produce show for TV

By Hindustan Times

Television actor Rohit Roy seems to be serious about his production plans - he and his actress wife Mansi Joshi are working on a "spice of life" kind of show for the small screen. "I am working towards something, which is production based. Mansi and I have a production company and we are
working on a show, which will be Indian in thought and execution," he told IANS.

Rohit says it is a realistic show based in a small colony here. "We want to make it real, about a real colony, about a city like Bombay and what problems people face. It is about four women living in one locality and how they are completely different from each other. This is a sheer real life drama. It is a like a spice of life," he said and added that the next step would be to approach channels.

"We have started developing the concept. We will have to approach channels now." Rohit was part