"Rohit hasn't made GR to impress critics but to entertain the audience" - Tusshar Kapoor


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

After Golmaal, Tusshar Kapoor is back. And this time around, his 'goonga' act is supposed to be funnier, nastier and deadlier.

"Funnier, nastier and deadlier? Well, that's for you to decide", smiles Tusshar who is brimming with confidence considering the fact that the film as well as his act are carrying great reports, "I know for sure that people loved me in Golmaal. My role was sweet and short in that one though. However, in Golmaal Returns the scope has been increased. Also, unlike the first installment, no one helps in translating what I am trying to say. I have to do all on my own."

He agrees though that this time around, the pandemonium is much bigger, "My struggle with speech is taken to a different level altogether. Lot of 'golmaal' also happens because people can't understand what I am trying to say. Due to this, I have to also do a lot through my body language. I get much more aggressive and end up frustrating not just others but even myself."

Rohit returns after Sunday, Golmaal and Zameen. What does he have to say about the young filmmaker? "Rohit thinks very commercial", Tusshar is quick to react, "He hasn't made Golmaal Returns to impress the critics. He wanted to make a good film which would entertain audience. None of us is claiming that with Golmaal Returns hum jhande ukhaad denge."

So what exactly is the idea? "To make a hit film", Tusshar says in a matter of fact tone, "Rohit is very clear that he has to make a hardcore commercial film while being honest to the medium and the genre. If critics like it then great but youth is a huge audience for the film and they are gonna love it. One has to be sure about the target audience you are catering to and what it takes to reach out to them."

Any examples from the recent past? "The team of Rock On knew what they are talking about and hence it worked due to the entire 'cool' factor. C Kkompany didn't because it didn't look promising to begin with. This way, Rohit knows the pulse of the audience and he has made sure that Golmaal Returns indeed turns out to be a big grand 'Diwali dhamaka'", concludes Tusshar.