Rohan Sippy dances to new tune


By Hindustan Times

Often directors make an appearance or two in their own films like a la Alfred Hitchcock style. Director Subhash Ghai has been known to make a cameo appearance in his films and now we hear that director Rohan Sippy will be seen doing a jig or two in the song ‘dramebaaz’ in the film.

Sippy has never ever faced the screen before and this will be the first time he will be seen on screen.

Sippy says “It’s a complete different experience. I enjoy being a control freak and telling people what to do and get it done the way I want. It’s a role reversal of sorts” he says.

Sippy needed a lot of convincing to be a part of the song in the film. “I don’t like being looked at or being told what to do. In fact, I like telling people what to do and looking at people. However I didn’t have to dance,” he informs.