"Rock On isn't like Don or Singh Is Kinng" - Ritesh Sidhwani


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Team Rock On is still not in mood to arrive at the final verdict for their beloved film. While the film is already a hit, there are speculations if it would go on to enjoy a superhit tag for itself. Though the tag is hardly something that bothers co-producer Ritesh Sidhwani, at the moment the young man is happy cherishing the success of the film and keeping the leash on to ensure that Rock On continues to have a successful run at the box office, unlike numerous other 'first weekend earners'.

"And that's because Rock On is different from a Singh Is Kinng or our own Don which went on to make huge money in the first week and then saw around 50% fall in the following weeks", asserts Ritesh, "We are more on consistent grounds and are counting collections week after week. We didn't have a huge release to begin with and the result is that number of shows in each of the weeks (the film is now in its fourth week) has been consistent so far. We are still running in 4-5 shows a day at prominent multiplexes."

Rattling down the collections of the film, Ritesh adds, "We made close to 10 crores net in the first week from India and the second week hardly saw a fall with approximately 9 crores. Third week has been on similar grounds as well. And as far as weekend collections go, we have seen a reverse engineering with every weekend being better than the one preceding it."

The way film is progressing so far, what's the kind of box office verdict is Rock On heading towards? "We are still closely monitoring the progress of Rock On and it wouldn't make sense to talk about where it stands as of today. The movie has a longer shelf life and till the release of Drona and Kidnap (on 2nd October), we should be having a good run. Even in the weekend of 2nd October, we don't expect a huge fall per se because multiplexes can't fill in all their screens with just these two films. From that point on till 17th October, when Karzzzz arrives, we all would have a place under the sun. This would make it a neat 7-8 week run for Rock On", details Ritesh.

After doing some mathematics, Ritesh says logically, "My estimate says that we should close around 38 crores net from India. Add to that satellite and home video rights and touchwood, Rock On should turn out to be one of the most profitable ventures coming out of our production house."