Rock On cast to form a band, but Farhan wants no sequel


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Farhan Akhtar and his rocker colleagues want to carry the film's music beyond films. But not in a sequel to the successful film.

Farhan feels he has had enough of the Rock On saga. "The director Abhishek Kapoor should know about the sequel. As for me, I'm not for it. I feel Rock On is a sequel to my own Dil Chahta Hai. Both transported me to the same emotional space. So I've had enough of it. I think Abhishek has a lot more to do as a filmmaker than a sequel."

Playing as a band is what Farhan wants to do with the Rock On gang. "Suddenly there's an upsurge of rock… We suddenly have an Indi-rock revival. Regional bands are again playing. Newspapers articles are being written about desi rock. Suddenly, I feel we've started something we can't control. It's all very encouraging. It's a great thing happening here. Credit must go to our director Abhishek Kapoor who was very adamant on doing a film on a neglected cultural phenomenon."

Farhan feels his experience with his Rock On co-stars is unique. "A camaraderie has set in among the four of us. This bonding is very special. We want to carry our musical togetherness forward. What we saw in Delhi on Saturday was unbelievable. Before the film's release we had performed in Mumbai and Pune. The experience in Delhi post-release is something else. The audience knew us and the songs… They were screaming my character's name Adi."

Farhan can't hide his delight. "Rock On has created a certain parameter within which other films based on music will be gauged. People within the industry feel more adventurous and conscientious after Rock On. Fortunately I'm stubborn. Otherwise I wouldn't have made the films I did."

For now, Farhan is having the time of his life. "The second week of Rock On was better than the first. Like I said, it's gone beyond our expectations."