Roadies is a thankless job: Raghu Ram


By Hindustan Times

Raghu Ram has grown weary of his popular brainchild MTV Roadies. Currently in its eighth season, the show has withered away the producer and co-host into half, literally. “Roadies is a 24X7 thankless job. It’s just so tiring,” says a visibly fatigued Ram, who has lost oodles of weight.

“There’s just no time. I’ve been working non-stop. Now I’m going to sit for editing and I’ll lose more weight,” adds the 39-year-old, who also has, to his credit, big screen duds like Jhootha Hi Sahi and Tees Maar Khan.

However, he is quick to claim back authority over Roadies. “But it’s my baby and I’ll do it because if I don’t, no one else will. It always has been and will always be my priority,” says Ram. “So once this gets over, I'll start eating properly and regain my fuller self. And yes I'll sleep a lot,” he adds sipping Scotch out of a glass.

What does he have to say about his ‘rudest man on TV’ tag courtesy his rhetorics on the show? “I’m not mean. I’m just myself,” he replies while flipping away his cigarette in the air.