ROADIES 5.0 - The Game Goes International!


By Prachi Singh, Portal Pvt. Ltd.

Saturday, 7 pm, IST time to tune into MTV 'coz for all you adventure freaks out there, I sure hope you are not missing out on the Roadies 5.0. The game goes international for the very first time as the roadies hit the exotic islands of Bangkok & Malaysia. After their stint with bike riding, crashing, falling, jumping, etc in India, the roadies make their way to the foreign shores and have sure had some great experiences so far. Ladyboy Dancing in the strip club, Locusts eating, Thai Boxing- all these must have surely added the booming TRP’s.

As one person after another gets eliminated (the latest one to be voted out was Vibhor) we have at last come down to the final five- Sonel, Prabhjot, Ankita (Simran), Nihal & Ashutosh. Meticulous planning, bitching, back biting, fighting, ridiculing… all continues as these 5 now get ready to take on one another.

There is loads of added entertainment this time around as we get a sneak peek into the ‘behind the scenes’ of roadies which comes right after fresh episode of Roadies 5.0 from 8 pm onwards. Plus, there are the heart felt confessions of the voted out roadie every week with Nikhil Chinappa.

There is still loads more to come this season as the players get crazier & bitchier and the journey becomes more adventurous & freaky! Watch out for the Karizmas !