Riteish : No comments!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 18 -- A little chidiya has been twittering on and on about how Riteish Deshmukh should give these other Bollywood stars a lesson on being politically correct. Isn't this the same guy who got into heaps of trouble for being part of the 'terror tourism' trip his father Vilasrao Deshmukh took Ram Gopal Verma on after the 26/11 attacks?

Yes, giggles my chidiya, but now the boy seems to have polished his PR skills and knows when it's better to keep quiet on certain subjects.

Apparently, after daddyji won the president's election of the Mumbai Cricket Association, his beta was inundated with questions regarding sports. And having learnt his lesson the hard way, beta's new favourite punch line is, "No comment". I know a certain Sonam Kapoor who could learn a lesson or two from this...