Rishi Kapoor on a weight loss spree!


Rishi Kapoor on a weight loss spree Rishi Kapoor says he is very keen on shedding his flab The rotund Rishi Kapoor, currently going through what he calls the best years of his acting life, has finally decided to take his weight issue into his hands. He is doing yoga, and hopes he can "kick" away
his alcohol intake. Apparently, Rishi, with notable help from his diet-conscious wife Neetu Singh, wanted to shed the flab a year back. But director Nikhil Advani had a particular girth in mind for Rishi to play an international terrorist in D-Day.

But now the 60-year-old has become seriously weight conscious. "Yes, I've already started doing yoga. That gives me peace of mind. I'm unhappy about the fact that I can't kick my habit of consuming alcohol. It's not good for my health. That's one thing I'd like to change in my life. And I will," said Rishi. "I'd a