Rhea Kapoor turns full-time producer


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 21 -- The 23-year-old younger sister of Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, who makes her debut as producer with Aisha, has already chalked out plans for her forthcoming movies.

"I'm developing two films, which are completely different from Aisha, but will also make people smile. They won't be in the romantic comedy space, but they won't be anything serious or depressing," says Kapoor.

The youngster, who started working on Aisha when she was 21, says she has "fallen in love with film production". "I could have never been an actress. I can't even stand photo shoots. I'd have freaked out if I had taken to acting," she giggles. "I've really enjoyed producing Aisha, and since my father (Anil Kapoor) doesn't enjoy it, I'll be handling the work for Anil Kapoor Film Company for the next two years at least."

But as of now, Kapoor has her hands full, as Aisha gears up for an August 6 release. The film, she says, just "happened to her" while she was still deciding her career path, after returning from New York, where she studied theatre. "Ayan (Mukerji) asked me to assist him on Wake Up Sid one evening randomly, and when I asked my dad, he asked me to go for it," she recalls. "

At the same time, Aisha came to us. Dad asked me if I'd like to work on it, and I said okay, without thinking. "At that time, I had no idea he'd go off to the US to shoot 24," she laughs. "I had to do everything on my own! At first, I was really scared but now, I'm glad I did it."

Youngest member

Kapoor reveals that even though she was the youngest crew member on the movie, producing wasn't a problem, since the subject and the vibe of the movie were "so much fun". "In every TV show or film today, women are portrayed to be weak, depressed, villainous or on their deathbed," she says. "But I always thought, why can't the women on screen just have fun, like women my age have in real life?"

"So Aisha's a fun, chick flick, which even guys will enjoy. There's no hero-heroine in this film, like in real life, but there are relatable stories and conversational dialogue. Every actor's character realises his graph in this movie - be it Sonam's (Kapoor), Abhay's (Deol) or Cyrus' (Sahukar)."